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Understanding the legal restrictions on load size will help in choosing the proper trailer for your load. Click here for information on load size limits.


Flatbed - These common trailers are used in the transport of materials when load height is not an issue. Loading is usually done by forklift from the side or overhead by  crane. One advantage is maximum  continuous deck space.  The flatbed is generally 48' long and most are 102" wide. Typically, the flatbed trailer is between 60" and 62" high. The maximum height of the freight that can be loaded is 8'4".  Some trailers can haul as much as 48000#.



Stepdeck  These trailers are also referred to as a "singledrop" or "dropdeck" trailers. They are used to haul many of the same types of freight as a flatbed. The advantage is that this trailer can haul a higher load without having to buy permits for the load. Most trailers are 48' long. It is also available in a 53' length. The upper deck is usually either 10' or 11' long. On a 48' trailer, the lower deck would either be 37' or 38'. The typical stepdeck trailer is 39 or 40" high at the rear. Occasionally, these trailers are 42" high. The construction of the stepdeck makes it a heavier trailer than a flatbed. The stepdeck can transport 44,000 to 45000#.



Doubledrop  These trailers are used to haul excessively high loads without permitting. They are similar to a removable gooseneck trailer (RGN).  This trailer is not as common as the RGN. The disadvantage is that it can be difficult to load. They are generally 48' in length. The lower deck height is often 20" to 22". The payload will vary from trailer to trailer. 



Removable Goose Neck  This is a type of doubledrop trailer. It is used to transport tall loads. It is known by various names including RGN and detachable trailer. It is sometimes referred to as a "detach". It has the advantage of being able to unhook into 2 pieces allowing for the loading of certain types of equipment. It is generally 48' long. Between the front and rear upper decks is a low deck area referred to as a "well". The well is typically 29' 6" in length. The well is usually around 20" to 24" off the ground allowing for transport of freight that is around 11' 8" in height. This is a specialized trailer and carries a premium rate.


Triaxle - This trailer is similar to a stepdeck but has 3 axles instead of two. The extra axle allows for loading of heavier loads without the purchase of an overweight permit. It is not readily available and for this reason carries a premium rate. The length is usually 48'.




Dry Van Sometimes  this trailer is called a  "van" or "box trailer". They are used for the transport of freight that must be kept dry. They are normally loaded from the rear by forklifts or pallet jacks.  It is available in 48' or 53' lengths with the latter being the more common. The weight limit is generally 44000# for these trailers.




The specifications listed above are generalizations. Actual trailer specifications vary. Use the information on this page as a guideline only. The information regarding load size (length, width, height, permitting  and so forth) is also generalized. Please check the actual requirements for your load carefully. 


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