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Transport Farm Tractors and Agricultural / Farm Equipment

J C Nester Company, Inc is a trucking company serving the US and Canada. One of our niches is serving farmers, tractor dealerships and agricultural related businesses. Our specialty is to transport farm tractors and agricultural equipment. In many cases, your farm tractor will be loaded with another tractor shipment. Mixing your tractor shipment with a shipment belonging to someone else is known as shipping a partial load.  This  partial load shipping method  lets you avoid having to pay full load rates. Partial load rates save you money! We have flatbed and stepdeck trailers available to transport your farm tractors. Some farm equipment will require doubledrop or RGN trailers (or lowboys as some people call them). We have these trailers available for your oversize shipments.
If you don’t have a loading dock, we are usually able to work around any loading or unloading issues. We can provide ramps, if you need them, for loading and unloading your equipment. This allows us to deliver directly to your farm, ranch or place of business. If you purchased your tractor online from Ebay or a similar site, loading can become an issue. If we send a truck equipped with ramps, your problem is solved.
Lots of tractors and farm equipment are sold at farm equipment auctions. You have spent a lot of time and effort researching your tractor purchase. If you buy your tractor at an auction, you want the shipment of that tractor to go well. We often load at farm equipment auctions. Our familiarity with the procedures and requirements of auction companies will make the transport of your auction purchases go smoothly.

Shipments of the following items have been made to agricultural users nationwide

• Farm Tractors
• Skid Steers
• Combines
• Manure Spreaders
• Sprayers
• Poultry Washers
• Grain Carts
• Implements
• Bucket Loaders
• Tillage Equipment
• Forklifts
• Bale Wrappers
• Corn Planters
• Tillage Equipment
• Orchard Equipment

No matter what type of tractor or farm equipment you have purchased, we would like to help transport that shipment.  Call us today for a quote! 866-429-4994 (Toll free)  or 912-363-4698. We would be happy to assist you!